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Folk musik, dance and song company "Zhytte"

Belarusians are an East Slavic ethnic group. Most Belarusians are descendants of the East Slav tribes Dregovichs, Krivichs and Radimichs. Early East Slavs also mixed with the local Balts, especially in the west and north-west of today's Belarus.
Belarusian culture is the product of a millennium of development under the impact of a number of diverse factors. These include the physical environment; the ethnographic background of Belarusians (the merger of Slavic newcomers with Baltic natives); the paganism of the early settlers and their hosts; Byzantine Christianity as a link to the Orthodox religion and its literary tradition; the country's lack of natural borders; the flow of rivers toward both the Black Sea and the Baltic Sea; and the variety of religions in the region (Catholicism, Orthodoxy, Judaism, and Islam). Till nowadays there are a lot of feasts that have pagan roots ("Maslenitsa”, "Kupala”, "Gromnitsa”, "Dedy”, and etc).  
Belarusian folklore is very rich.

The national clothes and footwear are similar to other Slavic cultures, but Belarusian style is seen everywhere; it has its original features

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